Coming soon Keep all the details of your family health events

An application to help you track your family’s health records.

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An easy way to document your health


Health data is very sensitive, that’s why only you should have access to it.


Easily manage and sync with your partner.

Take notes

A flexible way to add your own notes whenever you need.

Doctor list

A contact list of the doctors your family has visited.

Why I'm building

It's easy to forget details.

It has happened to me a few times in the past. What happened to my second daughter might have happaned to my first and I forgot what we did to aliviate, help or treat a given condition.

It’s not just my kids records but also mine. I’ve done at least 3 x-rays to check for scoliosis all in different hospitals and some more than 15 years ago. Do you know where they are now? Gone!!!

The information about my kids, my wife and my own health records are scattered across email, physical dossiers, note taking apps, calendars and more. As you probably know or understand from experiencing the same, it’s a mess.

After trying many solutions, none fit what I needed. Here’s what I need:

  • For the family - I want to manage more than one person records
  • Shared responsability - Both my wife and I can add entries
  • Private - no one should see my data unless I authorize
  • Backup - I don’t want to rely on data saved on a device. I have young kids my devices are permanently at risk.